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As advised at our last meeting the on-line recording will be progressively going live.

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The Rutland Natural History Society   
was formed in February 1965 and now has over 300 members.

Puss Moth:  Phil Rudkin

The objects of the Society are:
t to further the cause of Natural History;
t to study, record and help preserve Rutland's wild life, in particular;
t  to meet and exchange information with other bodies, and to encourage all ages to take an interest in wildlife and its conservation.

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Registered Charity No. 514693

3 Barn Owls:  Jim Eaton


We are very glad to have secured a new venue for our evening meetings- a decent-sized hall, very good audiovisual equipment, catering facilities, good parking, easy to find.

Voluntary Action Rutland (VAR)

Lands End Way

Oakham, Rutland LE15 6RB


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Voluntary Action Rutland (VAR)

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Orange Tip Butterfly:  Peter Scott




I am sure that like myself many of you spend time at Eyebrook Reservoir.

In fact the Society has many outdoor meetings at this location and I know that many wildlife records come from the Rutland side of the reservoir.

Through my membership of LROS (Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society) I am often pleased to meet up with fellow birdwatchers, some I know better than others, but who are all very pleased to stop and discuss what is about.

These informal gatherings have gained momentum over the years and there is now a regular crowd who can be found having a chat, taking photos or just generally passing the time of day.

It is from this gathering that a small group has got together and is trying to form an Eyebrook Reservoir Wildlife Group. It should be said straight away that this is not in competition with RNHS but hopes to promote wildlife issues at the reservoir.

The group is very keen to have the support of RNHS and its members and would like as many as possible to sign up.

Should you be interested please contact Phil Rogers (ebr-rfw@outlook.com)

Phil is proposing to put together regular newsletters for "reservoir fans"

A copy of a newsletter can be found by clicking here