Rutland has a varied and rich natural environment, and we want to keep it that way. But Rutland’s wildlife, as everywhere in the country, is at risk from the problems of the modern world, such as pollution, land development and the loss of habitat.

Wildlife recording is one of the best ways to obtain information about the health of our environment and the wildlife in it. This in turn contributes to the planning of conservation measures to help ensure its survival.

The RNHS has a long tradition of wildlife recording to help gauge these changes in our natural world.

We publish regular newsletters and an annual report.

Our wildlife information contributes to county and national records.

All members of the society, whatever their expertise, are encouraged to participate. You can help by sending in record cards when you notice things, (such as the first swallow or cowslip) or you can join one of our recording groups to monitor amongst other things:

Roadside verges


Glow worms

There are 3 ways to submit wildlife recordings to the RNHS:


Fill in our form below

Fill in our form with your recording below, press send recording and the data is emailed to the official record keeper. You can send more than one record at a time to each recorder, but please start a new form if you want to send a record to a different recorder. Also you may need to resize any photos you wish to submit as the max size is 2mb. Please use a Printable Record Card for Bird Records.

Download Excel files

Fill in an excel file with your data, then email the excel file to the official recorder as stated in the Excel file. Further details on completing these files can be found below. Please use a Printable Record Card for Bird Records

Download Printable Record cards

Fill in the record cards by hand and then post to the record keeper or hand them in at a meeting

Wildlife Recording Submission Form

    Select Recording Department

    Add Your Recording Data

    Sighting date:

    Upload a picture:
    Max size 2mb, accepted file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

    Download Excel Files

    Click the images below to download the Excel recording file for each category. Once filled in, please email the completed Excel file to the recorder email address listed in the file.

    Printable Record Cards

    These recording sheets are a printable version if you wish to hand in at meetings or send by post. These cards are in black and white.

    These cards can be used for all areas including those above and additionally Birds etc. full details of who to submit to are in the guidelines 


    These are used in various texts/reports and can be found here.

    They can be used as appropriate when submitting records.

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