Outdoor Meeting: Launde Park Wood

Saturday 27 April 2024
1000 - 1200

LRWT Conservation Officer Sarah Bedford will lead a walk at Launde Park Wood.

Listen with Sarah to the increasing volume of birdsong in this lovely part of Leicestershire.

Meet SK 800 033.  What Three Words      cropping.amid.composed.  (or so I am told)

From the Tilton to Oakham Road take any road to Launde. Continue past the Abbey on the left. 

Park at the top of the hill where a public footpath is signed to the right and bridleway to the left.

Parking can be difficult so please park carefully.

If you have never been the café at the Abbey can be worth a visit.

Contact Jeff Wilcox-smith to book a place   wilcoxsmith@btinternet.com   

07946 733931