President Philip Rudkin opened the 59th AGM, of the Rutland Natural History Society.

The Agenda commenced:

Apologies were received, followed by the minutes of the 2023 AGM.

Matters arising from the minutes were discussed.

Membership secretary, Tricia Marston gave her report.

Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Web Master Peter Scott, delivered his reports.

Madam Chairman Linda Biddle, gave a comprehensive report; covering the previous year’s events.

Election of Officers and Committee’

It was agreed that both of these be elected en Bloc.

Officers elected: Treasurer: Peter Scott

                            Secretary: Craig Howat

                            Membership Secretary:  Tricia Marston

                            Fieldfare Editor: Carolyn Baxter

                            Vacancy:  Programme Secretary

Committee elected: Jenny Harris

                                John Rodgers

                                Jayne Walker

                                Tim Sexton

                                David Needham

                                Joe Nourish

Any other business, and the date of the next AGM, was organised.

The President then closed the AGM.

The new Madam Chairman, Carolyn Baxter, then took over the meeting.

He then announced that a special event was to take place, which had been kept secret!

The outgoing Madam Chairman Linda Biddle, and Treasurer Peter Scott were called forward, and were stunned to find, they had both been elected for Honorary Life Membership, and were handed bouquets of flowers, and gift vouchers.  This was roundly applauded!

President Phil Rudkin, pointed out that the meeting had a celebrity in the audience, Vice President

Dr. Tim Mackrill, who was very welcome.

After a short break for refreshments Linda Biddle gave a superb presentation of a 2017 holiday, with her husband Anthony, to Shetland; and the images of birds and scenery were excellent.