Copy of email sent to members 18th March 2020


Hi all.

As we thought things are moving on at a pace with the Coronavirus and it can be seen from looking at other Societies and Clubs that additional action is now being taken as regards meetings, including outdoor activities.
With this in mind and the additional information coming from Government it has been decided that RNHS will cancel its outdoor meetings until the end of June. We will of course continue to monitor the position and make a decision on the July meetings in due course.

This action has been taken to protect our members and to provide members with certainty about our plans and also to enable us to liaise with any meeting leaders so they can delete us from their diaries.
On that basis as it stands our next meeting is the 4th July at Cossington Meadows, although currently LRWT have cancelled all meetings, volunteer work etc so watch this space.

We also suggest if you are planning your own outdoor visits that you refer to the appropriate websites to see what facilities are still open, for example, Frampton Marsh is closing its visitor centre, including the toilets, and hides at Frampton and Freiston will also be closed.

We are aware that not all members have provided their email address and so may not get this message. Whilst we do not want to encourage unnecessary contact if you have the opportunity to pass this message on please do, additionally if you discover a member who has email but has not let us know, try and persuade them to contact Margaret Conner with their email address so we can keep in contact at this difficult time.

Stay safe