Copy of email sent to members 29th March 2020


Hi All

A message from our Chair, Linda Biddle:

“The coronavirus pandemic is evolving rapidly, and things are changing daily so much so that it is difficult to keep up with developments. You will all be aware of all the new restrictions, and I’m sure don’t need me to remind you of them. They are having a huge impact on everything, including our RNHS activities.

As previously advised we have decided to cancel all our meetings until the end of July .

This is of course very disappointing and for the present at least, we cannot go out and enjoy the countryside, the spring flowers and birdsong which lift our spirits at this time of year. But don’t be downhearted!

We have thought of a way to make the disappointment into a great opportunity! We are inviting all out members, wherever you live, to enter the GREAT RNHS Garden Wildlife Challenge. You can keep a note of all species that visit, reside in, or fly over your garden between now and the end of June, look under stones and in your pond and record everything and the date on which you saw it – perhaps keep a little notebook by the kitchen window or door. Then at the end of June put them all down on paper or email to myself or Peter Scott.

If in the interim you want to formally submit your sightings to the appropriate recorder please do so as I am sure they will appreciate the contact.”



We are emailing this message now as our next edition of Fieldfare may be delayed due to the present restrictions.

At the risk of repeating myself if you are in contact with any members who have not provided us with their email address please ask them to do so as we can then make direct contact.

I will also keep updating the website with all this information

Please stay safe