I am sure that like myself many of you spend time at Eyebrook Reservoir.

In fact the Society has many outdoor meetings at this location and I know that many wildlife records come from the Rutland side of the reservoir.

Through my membership of LROS (Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society) I am often pleased to meet up with fellow birdwatchers, some I know better than others, but who are all very pleased to stop and discuss what is about.

These informal gatherings have gained momentum over the years and there is now a regular crowd who can be found having a chat, taking photos or just generally passing the time of day.

It is from this gathering that a small group has got together and has formed the Eyebrook Reservoir Wildlife Group. It should be said straight away that this is not in competition with RNHS but hopes to promote wildlife issues at the reservoir.

The group is very keen to have the support of RNHS and its members and would like as many as possible to sign up.

Should you be interested please contact Phil Rogers (ebr-rfw@outlook.com)

Phil is putting together a regular newsletters for “reservoir fans” and this is sent to you by email if you join.

You can view a copy of a recent newsletter here