David Cotter RNHS Committee member started the winter season with an illustrated talk on Fallow Deer Grey Seals, Rooks, Puffins and Ants.

David has focused his time over recent months on a few topics and revisited sites on a regular basis to observe behaviour at different times of year.

These observations were recorded in some excellent photographs evidencing behaviour as well as giving an insight into the atmosphere surrounding them.

David had spent time watching the Fallow Deer sizing each other up rather than becoming embroiled in actual fights, observing the frustration of the Puffins as they returned time and time again to the nest sites with beaks of sand eels only to be robbed by the bigger and more aggressive gulls.

He also showed how a very familiar site can produce an opportunity to get a “birds eye view” of what is considered a common bird the Rook by observing nests on the edge of Stamford at a major crossroad.

We were also introduced to the seal colonies along the east coast where at the end of the year the seals appear in large numbers to pup and mate before returning to the sea for the winter, a tough life for the youngsters.

This talk evidenced what can be learnt with a little patience and a specific focus.