Joe Costley from Plantlife and who showed us round Seaton Meadow Reserve earlier in the year will give a talk.

This talk will cover the various aspects of the reserves in the UK and across the world that Plantlife is responsible for.


The first meeting of the autumn brought Joe Costley from Plantlife to talk about its work. It is not a very large organisation but it does valuable work in plant conservation. Joe described some of the 23 reserves that they own, which aim to preserve particular types of habitat, and showed photos of some of the rare plants that grow there. Some of the work required to help in this preservation involves removing invasive vegetation and we saw some nice shots of excavators and bare ground. Many of us will have been to Seaton Meadows, one of the reserves, bought with money raised by Geoff Hamilton, and dedicated to him. This too has needed conservation work to prevent too much of the land becoming waterlogged- a rather strange necessity on the face of it for a flood meadow.


We all enjoyed a fascinating evening, some of us trying to identify the flowers Joe showed- in my case with very little luck.