The Society was delighted that Chris Glenn was able to fill in for Jenny Harris and lead this walk at Cribb’s Meadow. Chris has been associated with this meadow since before it was acquired by the LRWT and has been responsible for many facets of its development.

Cribb's Meadow Wood Avens

The habitats include grassland, two ponds and a disused railway line with scrub and mature trees.

The management of the reserve includes grazing by sheep and scrub removal to maintain the diversity of flora and fauna in the herb rich grassland.

Many plants included 100’s of Common Spotted Orchids, Adder’s Tongue Fern, Yellow Rattle, Great Burnet, Wood Avens. A few butterflies were spotted Common Blue and Dingy Skipper in the meadow and Speckled Wood along the railway line. Several daytime moths were seen.

Cribb's Meadow Burnet Companion

One of the ponds was being patrolled by Four Spot Chaser and many blue damselfly along with Large Red Damselfly.

Cribb's Meadow Large Red Damselfly

An enjoyable morning at this compact reserve.