Plant Galls at Stretton Wood

With Roy Lemmon (RNHS Plant Gall Recorder) and the British Plant Gall Society. 

Report from Roy Lemmon

“Blessed with good weather, up to 26C, a clear sky and light winds, a total of 9 attended the meeting consisting of 5 RNHS members, 2 BPGS members and two guests.

The success of the day was helped enormously by the friendly expertise of the BPGS members and a total of 50 plant galls was found, including 16 on Oak and 6 on Willow; 4 of the total were new to our records.

Also surveyed were the Orthoptera and Dark Bush, Roesels and Speckled Bush Crickets were noted as well as Long Winged Conehead and Meadow Grasshopper all new records for the site. Additionally Southern Hawker and Common Darter dragonflies, hornets, Speckled Wood, Small White and Green Veined White Butterflies were also seen.”