We arrived at Belton House to be faced with traffic queues to get in as a cross country race or two or three were also taking place.

This had pushed all the deer into the far sections of the park and although we had to walk a distance when we arrived in the same area there were lots of animals to be seen and in fact some of the bucks were still fighting each other so it appears there may have been some minor rutting going on.


In addition to the numerous deer, whilst examining fungi in one of the wooded areas a young looking fox appeared for a brief viewing before disappearing into the nettles and being lost to sight.

Several fungi species were found but not all named.


common-puffball-1 honey-fungus-1 stump-puffball-1

One particular tree stump had at least four different species on it. Our walk back across the meadows also turned up fairy rings.

The forecast rain however blew in and made any extended investigations a little unpleasant.

However many thanks to David and especially Derick for organising this walk.