After 8 years service, Margaret has decided to step down as Treasurer and Membership Officer at the next AGM. Tricia Marston has kindly agreed to take over as Membership Officer, so we are just looking for a new treasurer.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the accounts and keeping accurate financial records. Tasks include making payments as required, accounting for money received, and liaising with the Membership Officer about subscriptions.

The Treasurer also makes the annual claim for Gift Aid.
They prepare the accounts and present them to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

The treasurer will normally attend 4-6 committee meetings annually, and advise on the financial situation, but also be able to input to the Society’s plans and help with other activities as they choose.

It is not essential to have professional accounting knowledge, just to be numerate with a good attention to detail, and ideally an understanding of Excel spreadsheets (but can develop different systems if preferred).

Margaret will continue to be available to handover and help as needed.

If you would like to discuss further what is involved, please contact Margaret on or call 01664 454532.