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To all RNHS Members
Having now settled into my post at Rutland Water Nature Reserve, I have proposed a number of surveys which will feedback on the management of the Reserve and monitor the condition of the site throughout the year (part of which is in included in our obligations as managers of a RAMSAR SSSI Nature Reserve).
When I first started, I was interested to learn that a number of the lagoons are fed by treated sewerage water from Oakham Water Treatment Works. Along with this, a couple of the new lagoons are fed by farmland run-off. Having seen a number of algal blooms already this year in these lagoons, I was keen to study any impacts the quality of the water feeding in to the site might have on the aquatic invertebrates, vegetation, water chemistry and incidence of algal blooms – all of which could have knock-on effects on the over-wintering waterfowl for which we are best known.
As such, throughout July I am planning on carrying out some water quality sampling on all eight lagoons in the Nature Reserve. To begin with I will be carrying out BMWP sampling (Biological Monitoring Working Party) – which uses macroinvertebrates as biological indicators. Whilst the sampling method is typically used in rivers, it can also be used to assess the water quality in lakes and ponds. As the methodology involves taking three samples at various locations on each lagoon, it would be really good if I could get some volunteers from Rutland Natural History Society to help me complete the surveys. It is quite straightforward (as you only key out to family level) and full training will be given.
Also, if there is anyone in the group with previous experience in aquatic invertebrates, or who fancies dipping their toes in (excuse the pun) and looking into some of the family groups in more detail, it would be great if we could key some of the inverts down to species level.
The link to the microscope club (to whom I’m giving a talk to tonight about aquatic invertebrate sampling) is here:
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