Outdoor Meeting : Lichens in churchyards

Saturday 14 October 2017 From 1400hrs to 1600hrs

Lichens in churchyards

Ivan Pedley follows up his November 2016 lecture.

An excellent meeting with 14 members attending. The weather was also excellent, dry with some sun and a temperature of 21C. A considerable number of lichens were seen and it was interesting to note the difference both in numbers and species that occur on different substrates, basic materials especially limestone exhibiting the most. Also present were granite, and slate, both Welsh and Leicester (Swithland) which carried very few species.

Other organisms noted were fox and cubs, green woodpeckers, a colony of Speckled Bush Crickets (new for our records) and some five species of plant gall.


Posted on: 23rd January 2017  By Peter

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